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About Us
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Recognizing the potential role that both business and technology has and will continue to play in tomorrow's world, two Berkeley students, Noah Kagan and Sarthak Shah, decided to form an organization which would promote the ideal of bringing the two together. Created 7 years as CSBA, it has recently been renamed the Business and Technology Association (BTA). With the help of some great executives and ambitious members, BTA has been growing rapidly and has brought about some amazing things for the Berkeley campus. Some of these events and projects include the Entrepreneur Forum, the Berkeley Book Exchange (now known as ComeGetUsed), BTA Rentals, our annual Technology Exposition, and much more. The group is continuously looking for new members and ideas that explore the opportunities of business and technology in the modern world.


BTA puts on regular events ranging from committee events such as resume workshops and lan parties to major events such as the entrepreneurial forum and the BTA Tech Expo. As we work on updating the site, we will be sure to post more details on our past events and what we plan to do in the future. here are some upcoming events:

Meet the Club Social - Thursday, September 3rd, 7PM at Blakes

PricewaterhouseCoopers Infosession - Tuesday, September 15th, 7PM (location TBA)

Technology Exposition - Early November, Pauley Ballroom

And a lot more...

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